Face Mounted Acrylic Glass UlraHD Photographic Fine Art

A thoroughly modern look that is sleek, timeless and ultimately one of the most impressive display solutions available.

Face Mounted Acrylic Prints

Face Mounted Acrylic Glass UlraHD:
A premium ultraHD luster or metallic archival photographic paper face mounted under crystal clear acrylic glass. The rich depth immediately catches the eye. A frameless, flush mounted display that is pure elegance. Stunning wow factor that is second to none. Favored by top galleries.

  •    Surface Choice: Lustre or Metallic
  •    1/4" Acrylic with White Paper Backing
  •    1/4" Acrylic with DiBond Backing
  •    1/8" Acrylic with DiBond Backing
  •    Stainless Steel Posts (optional)
  •    Free Hanging System
  •    Ready to Hang
  •    Free Shipping (US, Canada)
  •    Time to Handcraft: approx. 12 Days

UltraHD Photographic Paper Surface

Choose from a satin Lustre or glossy Metallic Surface.

Face Mounted Acrylic Surfaces

Backing Style

Choose a premium DiBond Backing for a durable and substantial display or a White Paper Backing.

Face Mounted Acrylic Backing

Acrylic Glass and Backing Styles

Choose from the selection of styles. Highly polished edges give a clean and distinct look.

Face Mounted Acrylic White Paper Backing 1/4
1/4" Acrylic White Paper Backing

Face Mounted Acrylic Dibond Backing 1/4
1/4" Acrylic DiBond Backing

Face Mounted Acrylic Dibond Backing 1/8
1/8" Acrylic DiBond Backing

Hanging System

A flawless, simple way to mount your display and keep it level. Included at no charge for a ready to hang solution.

Dibond Cleat Hanger
DiBond Backing & Cleat Hanger
Cleat Hanger White Paper
White Paper Backing & Cleat Hanger

Stainless Steel Post (mounting option)

Securely mount you display anywhere with stainless steel posts. Your choice of Stainless Steel Post size: Small (5/8") or Large (1"). Stainless Posts (4) and precision cut holes priced separately. Examples below shown with 1/4" Acrylic Glass.

Stainless Posts 5/8 Dibond Backing
Small (5/8") Posts DiBond Backing

Stainless Posts 1 inch Dibond Backing
Large (1") Posts DiBond Backing

Stainless Posts 5/8 Paper Backing
Small (5/8") Posts White Paper Backing

Stainless Posts 1 inch Paper Backing
Large (1") Posts White Paper Backing

  The stainless steel post mounting option is available with a nominal charge for the precision machined holes and the 4 stainless steel posts in the size you desire.

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