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The National Treasure Series

In a slow and deliberate journey to discover culture, history, ways of life, customs and traditions the mysteries of the world revealed themselves in a unique and unpredictable way. It is always the stories that bring people, places and events to life.

Press the play button in the center of the image below to listen to  Journey of a Lifetime  |  Capturing the Magic. A heart warming tribute to the American and Canadian experience.

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The Digital Deli Archive™ is the source repository of The National Treasure Series (NTS), Edu-tainment Multimedia Documentaries: Stories Across America, Stories Across Canada, Unique Patterns of Nature and Tales from the Master Storytellers ™.

  bite sized nuggets of knowledge and inspiration.

  exploration, discovery and human experience.

  image, video, audio, geospatial, book, ebook, reactive internet multimedia.

  historical fiction, documentary, geospatial archeology, eco-cultural heritage, travel tourism, childrens stories.

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  Stories Across America™

  Stories Across Canada™

  •   Walking on the Ocean Floor | another world to explore

  •   Cape Breton | an elusive breathtaking jewel

  •   The Great Capes of Fundy | world's highest tides

  •   The Magic of Five Islands

  •   Beyond the 47th Parallel | edge of the continent

  •   Where Rivers Run Backwards | the wave is coming

  •   Nova Scotia and the Titanic | the people by the sea

  •   A Cape North Inspiration | tradgedy, hope and courage

  •   Roosevelt on Campobello | coffee at the lighthouse

  •   Legend of Glooscap | floating islands, Sinclair and the Mi'kmaq

  Unique Patterns of Nature™

  •   Ice Cathedral, the other side of Yamal | North Country

  •   Adirondack Forest Preserve | it is not size, it is what you will see

  •   Blue Ridge Mountains | etheral landscape of Appalacia

  •   Whimsical World | terra-celestial magic

  •   Summer Snow 2040 | restoring mother earth's biodiversity

  •   Just Catz | dazzling snow cats

  •   Just Catz | blissfully ruling their empire

  •   Just Catz | Walter J's unusual alliance

  •   Hidden Falls | a sacred bounty of plenty

  •   Lake Effect from Snowland | North Country

  •   Fairy Tale Gardens | the botanist lets us in to her world

  •   The Migration | a bright spot in the polar vortex

  •   Fall Transformation | North Country

  •   10,000 Year Old Glacial Pathway | the secrets of nature

  Tales from the Master Storytellers™

  •   It Is Now 2030 | Ali becomes a Master Storyteller of Six Nations

  •   Abigail's Dream Catcher | summer starlight

  •   Cultural Crossroad | on sacred ground

  •   Jan the Candyman | marked in occupied Poland, escaped, an epic journey

  •   The Beginning of Social Networks | ARPANET, Z80, PSTN, DTMF, BBS, 8088

  •   New Mellenium | shockwave category 5

  •   Dreams within a Dream | with mind and body in perfect harmony

  •   The Key | the children find the strange key to the lodge

  •   The Blue Barn | all along the towpath

  •   A Tale from Dai–Sensei | learning how to see

  •   Excalibur Returns | the tree exploded with a roar of thunder

  •   The Mystery of Cape Split | neuroscience of a power spot

  •   The Mystery of Bretton Woods | neuroscience of a power spot

  •   Ruthy the Hummingbird | a childrens story

American Photographic Memory Painter

Fred Morgan and his wife Mary were perched high on the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina with his oils, canvas and easels. Dabs of color from many tubes were mixed spontaneously in what looked like a chaotic fashion. Then he stopped as fast as he started. As I went to brew coffee for us in the motorhome I spied his hands moving again like he was conducting a symphonic orchestra. When I returned I was shocked to see he had nearly completed the piece. Fred revealed extraordinary details from his childhood. Then he would render a painting in record time - amazing. Fred had a rare unrecognized capability today we might call 'highly superior autobiographical memory' (HSAM). Then he told me...

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