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  •   Digital Deli Studios™ | Creative Services  
    Digital Deli Studios Logo
    Digital Creative Services

    Digital Deli Studios™ is the place where creative strategies and technological excellence are transformed into artistic creations. Digital Creative Services Include:

    Web and E-Commerce Design: Reactive Internet Multimedia • Mobile-to-4K • HTML5 • CSS3 • Javascript [mobile, tablet, desktop, TV]

    Digital Display Design: Interactive Digital Portals • Fine Art Screens • Digital Signage Displays

    Multimedia Production: Advertising • Marketing • Promotion • Public Awareness • Visual Storytelling • Instructional • Educational • Interpretive

    Geospatial: Geo Visualization • Location Based Service Rendering • Media Maps • Data Maps

    Data Visualization: Interactive Statistics • Operational Indicators • Dashboards • Custom Charts [bar, line, area, pie, doughnut, radar, polar, scatter and bubble]

    Mixed Media Lab: Professional Digital Image Capture • Digital Preservation • Archival Imaging • Advanced Image Sensor Rendering • Cinema, Video UltraHD Production • Audio Production & Mastering • Cinema, Video Mastering & Transcoding • Script Writing • Storyboard Creation • Narration, Voice Over • Multitrack FX • Mix • Master • Transcode • Visual FX • Titling • Branding • Illustration: Type, Icon, Graphic • smART Codes ∴ M2M

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  •   Digital Deli Archive™ | Media   
    Digital Deli Archive™

    Digital Deli Archive™ is a managed repository of high quality image, video, audio and geospatial assets hand crafted by experienced masters of light & sound trained in the art and craft.

    The creators of the Archive are pioneers in raw image sensor processing for professional digital imaging (well before Lightroom came along). A calibrated media lab permits a full array of high quality media production for digital displays [mobile-4KTV] and professional photographic printing.

      Digital Deli Fine Art Store™: create stunning visual and spatial themes for your home, business and public spaces. One of the largest selection of Display Solutions on the web to compliment any decor or personal taste.

      Commercial Media Solutions: Interior Design • Advertising & Marketing • Events & Exhibits • Public Spaces • Performing Artists • Fashion Design • Healthcare

      Digital Deli Studios™: Multimedia Design and Development • Digital Display Media • Specialized Imaging

      Mixed Media Lab: calibrated media lab for producing high quality image, video, audio and geospatial media assets for mobile, tablet, desktop, 4KTV and professional printing. Multi-track audio and video editing, mixing, mastering and transcoding are lab services.

      Rare, Unique and Authentic: the records in the Archive span a century, oral histories, folklore, customs and ways of life have been captured across historically rich and pristine areas of the eastern United States and Canadian Eastern Maritime – with a special focus on New York State, New England, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Bay of Fundy, Cape Breton, Appalachia, the Adirondack, Blue Ridge and Smokey Mountain regions. Iconic imagery of legendary performers, people, world class events and festivals are all a part of the Digital Deli Archive.

      Exact prescriptions for size, surface substrate and finish are used to produce technologically superior finished media. Digital negatives pressed from raw image capture data are produced to exact specifications to provide breathtaking vibrance, clarity, detail and a rich color gamut for unmatched quality.

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  •   Digital Deli Fine Art Store™  
    Digital Deli Fine Art Store™

    Digital Deli Archive Logo

    Digital Deli Fine Art Store™ is the place where your own inner creativity may be used to create stunning visual and spatial themes for your home, business and public spaces.

    Transform any room or public space into a stunning expression of your personal taste.

      Easy secure shopping, free shipping1 and 100% quality guarantee.

      Individually handcrafted by the Masters of Light and Sound at Digital Deli Studios™

      Ready to Hang for a lifetime of enjoyment.

    Rare, unique and authentic fine art for home, business and public spaces.

    Visit the Opens in new windowDigital Deli Fine Art Store™

    Commercial Solutions

    Interior Designers, Architects, Agencies:
    Expertly curated collections of matched themes to set the mood with a powerful presence to transform any room or public space.

    Opens in new window smART Media Visual Solutions™:
    Complete custom end to end commercial visual & spatial display solutions that seamlessly flow from one space into another – single office to multi-building campus. Learn more at, an official domain of the Digital Deli Family.

    smART Health Therapeutic Art™ :
    Evidence based art for healthcare settings that reconnect the cycles of the natural world to provide subtle assistive support promoting wellness.

    (1) freight & crating charge may apply >=40"

  •   Print Direct Worldwide™  
    Print Direct Worldwide™

    Digital Deli Print Direct Worldwide™ is a direct digital pipeline from Digital Deli Studios™ mixed media lab to the best photographic printers in the world directly to your door.

    Exact prescriptions for size, surface substrate and finish are directly transmitted to produce technologically superior finished professional photographic print media.

    Digital negatives pressed from raw image capture data are produced to exact print system, ink, substrate specifications to provide breathtaking vibrance, clarity, detail and a rich color gamut for unmatched quality.

    Digital Deli Fine Art Store offers one of the largest selection Display Solutions on the web to compliment any decor or personal taste.

    Digital Deli Commercial Media Services provides a wide range of custom Large Format and Surface Specialty Media solutions.

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  •   Micro Edu–tainment Multimedia  
    Edu–tainment Multimedia from the Digital Deli Archive™

       Micro Edu–tainment Multimedia from the Digital Deli Archive™ is designed to be educational, while entertaining, during the course of conveying knowledge on a subject, in short bite size engagements.

    Cognitive neuroscience has taught us we can convey more memorable information in a shorter time frame by precisely orchestrating the message. Advances in audio-visual media programming, communications and technology permit extended learning program development using a suite of complementary services available under one roof from the Digital Deli Pipeline™.

    Digital Deli Studios™ provides multimedia design, development and production management for: Advertising • Marketing • Promotion • Public Awareness • Instructional • Educational • Interpretive • Visual Storytelling.

      We are inspired by many non-profits rushing to fill the gaps in our world and stand ready to help. We cheer our bold entrepreneurs wishing to change the world and carve new pathways. We applaud organizations reinventing themselves for a more sustainable 21st century future.

      Media rich accelerated learning programs can support advancement and stimulate life long learning. Our children represent a future we must nurture in the digital age with factual and relevant information. Cognitive neuroscience tells us young minds are capable of absorbing much more than we are giving. That is why we created a powerful digital on ramp called smART Media for the Classroom™ and the Digital Deli Geospatial Team One (GT1) Student Explorer Program. It worked well out of the lab during trials to gain a brief burst of notable international attention. A powerful Swiss Army Knife for any passionate educators toolbox.

    smART Media for the Classroom™ | Media for Your Mind is the natural extension to micro edu-tainment multimedia. Once you have captured interest, a wide variety of knowledge resources may be custom curated including, but not limited to: geospatial data, expert knowledge sources across disciplines, deep subject matter experts, critical factor awareness using STEAM; practical applications of scientific advancement; cross discipline correlation [understanding the big picture]; future trends [what really matters].

    smART Health Media™ relies on similar attributes for conveying knowledge in an always-on digital world, but exclusively for healthcare.

    Interpretive Media for eco-cultural heritage and geo-tourism benefit by the same knowledge packaging, production and delivery available from the Digital Deli world class pure digital pipeline. A Digital Deli eco-cultural heritage, geo-tourism production on New York State takes 3m 20s to go from Times Square to the Adirondack Mountains. It captivates, entertains, educates and inspires – but most important it leaves memorable impressions that say ‘go explore New York State.’

    Marketing, Advertising and Promotional Multimedia obtains benefit using the laser targeting edu-tainment multimedia model. A great value for those wishing to craft a memorable and pleasing impression in concert with a sound digital strategy.

    Culture, History, Science, Technology and Intellectual Enlightenment

    Geospatial Archeology: From the tip of Nova Scotia to the Great Smokey Mountains to the Statue of Liberty a series of 59 epic stories distilling the essence of the American and Canadian experience are in queue at the Digital Deli Studios™: Opens in new windowStories Across America, Stories Across Canada, Unique Patterns of Nature and Tales from the Master Storytellers ™ .

      Do you have a great story that needs to be told? Do you wish to sponsor a micro edu-tainment multimedia production? Please direct your inquiries to: Studios [at] or by leaving a message on the Digital Deli Archive Opens in new windowContact Page .

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  •   Digital Deli TV™ | Multimedia Publishing Network  
    Digital Deli TV™

    Digital Deli TV™ publishes IP based, multimedia using Reactive Internet Multimedia technology on a global enterprise class network.

    You might think of Digital Deli TV as an ultra-modern theatre built for the Internet. UltraHD media from Digital Deli Studios™ is so crystal clear it is like looking out a glass window. You can almost feel the cool spray from a waterfall.

    Network quality of service, media encoding, transcoding, codec configuration and all the things the Internet needs are centralized in one place for perfect playback on any modern device.

    The future is always just around the corner. With a keen eye always on the innovative research at Opens in new windowNHK Science & Technology Research Laboratories  and Opens in new windowthe MIT Media Lab  we can see a clear view of future technologies and design for that now.

    The rendering algorithms used in Reactive Internet Multimedia have been 16K ready since 2011. Digital Deli smARTCode technology used in Live Labels ∴ M2M can trigger multi-mode communications today. As screen densities and Internet speed continues to increase our pure digital pipeline is purpose built looking 20-30 years into the future.

    Digital Deli Private Net™ and Digital Deli Secure Net™ are commercial business media content delivery and rendering services providing seamless scheduled and on demand delivery of any media content for networked digital displays and on private networks.

    Regional Content and Edu-tainment Networks are hybrid video streaming services for live host driven and scheduled broadcast for educational and regional content channels. Available Q4-2019.

    Digital Deli TV One™ ĐĐTV1 OTT-nSTB (over the top network settop box) allows any organization to have their own TV channel running up to 4K 60fps video 24/7-365 - even during a network outage. Opens in new windowDigital Deli Cyber Intelligence (ĐĐ RED) is preparing the new high security OS with Opens in new windowDigital Deli Think Tank. Available Q4-2019.

    At the end of the day, we will always need to deliver the right media, to the right screen, at just the right time, so it looks as perfect on the device in your hands as the 16K video wall in front of you. That is what Digital Deli TV means when we say “The Future of Media Now.”

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  •   Media Licensing & Asset Mgmt  
    Media Licensing & Asset Mgmt™

    Media Licensing & Asset Management provides administrative oversight for all works (the Art) in the Digital Deli Archive™ mixed media repository.

    Extensive metadata, including copyright, releases, royalty agreements, usage restrictions and other special agreements are embedded into each asset (created work, multimedia production, transmedia project, published and unpublished works).

    Digital Deli Archive™ is a trusted global media repository with full legal authority to Publish and/or License media in compliance with international copyright, U.S. Intellectual Property Law and rules and regulations of the State of New York, USA.

    Digital Deli's B-Corp Philosophy may include special support for a: cause, place, event, geospatial location, cultural artifact or digital preservation effort – that may be associated with one or more media assets.

    Digital Deli Partner Programs: Eco-Cultural Heritage, Geo-Tourism, Digital Preservation and Community Enrichment may include special provisions that provide direct economic benefit to partner organizations.

    Broadcast and Public Performance licenses for Micro Edu-tainment Multimedia from the National Treasure Series, smART Media for the Classroom™, smART Health Media™, multimedia documentaries and transmedia digital portal projects are managed under the same administrative wing.

    On demand and Subscription services are governed by end user agreements administered by Digital Deli Media Management.

    Content Curator service provides Agency Access Partners rights ready and commercial cleared media (image, video, audio, geospatial), media lab direct production services at Studios, CDN delivery at Gen-3 Cloud and media rights consolidation.

    Fully integrated turnkey digital service agreements typically bundle software, firmware, media, technology and communications to simplify bringing new customer projects online with the least cost, highest quality and no surprises.

      Digital Deli, as Publisher, straddles two worlds equally: Content Creators (artists, copyright holders) and users of Licensed Media are treated fairly and with respect for each parties individual interests. Creators are compensated fairly while rights ready and commercial cleared media Licenses clearly spell out usage without complexity to ensure legal compliance. An equal balance with no surprises.

      Questions associated with Licensing rights ready / commercial cleared media or by Content Creators may be directed to: MediaManagement [at] or by leaving a message on the Digital Deli Archive Opens in new windowContact Page .

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  •   a Pure Digital Pipeline  
    Digital Deli Pipeline™

      The Digital Deli Pipeline™ is a world class mix of purpose built software, systems, servers, cloud infrastructure tightly integrated with technical and creative services for harnessing the global digital information economy. Learn more about the Digital Deli Family and the Digital Pipeline at Opens in new window Digital Deli | Global Media and Communications™ Family page.

    •    Advanced Technology Integration
    •    DevOps | Trusted Systems
    •    Network Operations Control (NOC)
    •    Gen-3 Cloud™ | Advanced Cloud Services
    •    iShop | E-Commerce Core (ECC)™
    •    WebDev | Reactive Internet Multimedia
    •    TLS+ | Always On Encryption
    •    Cyber AI | InfoSec
    •    iAuth+™ | Domain Certified Email (MTA) 1
    •    iRepX™ | Information Analytics
    •    iNet On Ramp | Internet Boarding Pass
    •    IoT • M2M • I40 • AI | Configuration Management 2
    •    Digital Deli Studios™ | Creative Services
    •    Digital Deli Archive™ | Media
    •    Micro Edu–tainment Multimedia
    •    Digital Deli TV™ | Multimedia Publishing Network
    •    Media Licensing & Asset Management
    •    Intellectual Property Management (IPM)
    •    Business Innovation ∴ Think Tank™ (BITT)

    (1) Mail Transport Agent (MTA)
    (2) Internet of Things, Machine to Machine, Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence

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