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Purpose built evidence based visual and spatial themes that reconnect the cycles of the natural world to provide subtle assistive support promoting wellness in a healthcare setting.

You have a cutting edge healthcare complex, the best doctors, staff and equipment – how do you convey that superior level of excellence to your patients? Is there a way to instill a sense of warmth, comfort and trust?

Take a moment to learn why smART Health Therapeutic Art™ is the gold standard. Press the play buttons below to listen to each audio file.

 WHY smART Health Therapeutic Art™
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 WHAT You Can Get and Why You Want It
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smART Health Therapeutic Art™
  •    Evidence Based Research
  •    Purpose Built Media Archive
  •    Stunning Visual Transformation
  •    Unlimited Creative Potential
  •    Curated Project Galleries
  •    Infection Control Friendly
  •    Trusted Global Source
Cognitive Therapeutics
  •    Turning Data Into Results
  •    Proven Impact on Wellness
  •    Subtle Assistive Support
  •    Relief for Busy Practitioners
  •    Increased Productivity
  •    Always On 24/7–365
  •    Infinitely Recurring Return on Investment
smART Health Partners
  •    Healthcare Architects
  •    Healthcare Interior Designers
  •    Visual & Spatial Designers
  •    Creative Agencies
  •    Cutting Edge Practitioners
  •    Healthcare Professionals
  •    Healthcare Facility Managers

Gallery and Client Portal access below.

  Stunning Visual and Spatial Themes

smART Health Therapeutic Art™ provides stunning visual and spatial solutions to meet any requirement, any size, on any substrate; floor, wall, ceiling; lobby, wings, diagnostic rooms, hallways. Infection Control friendly by design. Architects and designers enjoy complete creative control. Your imagination is now the only limit to your design.

  Reliable, Predictable, Cost Effective

The most cost effective solution for evidence based art in a healthcare setting. Reliable and predictable costs calculated to the sq. in. leave no surprises and every option to meet your requirement and budget.

  Cutting Edge Made Easy

Tell us about the size and scope of your project. Content matching your requirement can be provisioned in your private gallery. Smaller or self directed projects can choose ready to hang solutions from the   smART Health Therapeutic Art Gallery digital portal.

  Handcrafted at Studios

Digital Deli Studios™ prepares each piece with gallery quality precision to exact size from raw image sensor files for unmatched breathtaking vibrance, clarity and detail.

  Start the Transformation | Contact Us

If you are looking for the most effective therapeutic art, from a rare, unique and authentic – purpose built healthcare media archive, you won't find anywhere else – you need look no further. We invite you to   contact us to discuss your healthcare therapeutic art project.

  Did You Know?

smART Health Therapeutic Art™ is a part of the smART Health Media™ Family from Digital Deli, Global Media and Communications.

The Technologies of Wellness include:
smART Health Patient Media™ and smART Health Provider Media™ at Digital Deli ∴ B4B and cutting edge smARTHealth AI™ at the Digital Deli Business Innovation Think Tank™ (BITT) R&D lab.

Digital Properties and Brands proudly brought to you by QC Communications, USA. All Rights Reserved.

  smART Health Media™ Partner Program

There are two partner programs for smART Health Media™: (1) Designers and Creative Agency Partners and (2) Knowledge Transfer Partners (practitioners and healthcare facilities). Digital Deli is engaging qualified partners across the globe.

  Designers and Creative Agency Partners

Are you a creative agency or independent designer with a flair for enriching your world using evidence based art in a healthcare setting?

Qualified individuals and agencies can earn high visibility while benefitting communities served. An opportunity to join a world class global team with unlimited earning potential.

Are you interested in representing smART Health Therapeutic Art™ as a Creative Agency Partner?  Contact us to tell us your geographic footprint and qualifications.

  Knowledge Transfer Partners

Effectively transferring knowledge within a healthcare ecosystem is a core component regulating advancement, as demand for service increases.

The three legs of the healthcare stool (patient, provider, worker) determine overall performance. 21st century wellness centered healthcare wraps a secure, protective blanket around the entire ecosystem.

The Technologies of Wellness harness multiple disciplines to support self elevating, operationally efficient, resilient ecosystems that may expand and contract to meet demand.

A link to a public facing digital portal on our sister site will be posted here when it becomes available. If you are thinking: knowledge transfer, instructional media, cognitive healthcare, cloud, mobile, multimedia and interested in the Knowledge Transfer Partner Program, feel free to  Drop Us A Line.

smART Health Patient Media™

smART Health Patient Media™ is next generation patient media for the digital age. Advanced uses permit cutting edge media content to be curated and prescribed, as part of a healthcare plan. Media content is being produced with healthcare partners.

smART Health Provider Media™

smART Health Provider Media™ is a next generation solution for Knowledge Transfer to healthcare operations staff. The smART Health Media Network™ can provision instructional multimedia content for display on mobile, desktop, networked digital display and projection. The needs of a medical practice, complex or medical campus can all enjoy the benefits of next generation on demand Reactive Multimedia training. Media content is being produced with healthcare partners.

smART Health AI™

Cognitive Therapeutic Healthcare

smART Health AI™ is an integrated multimode healthcare technology ecosystem designed to leverage cognitive therapeutics and knowledge transfer in the digital age.

smART Health AI™ embraces the human element of patient, provider and resident using a well defined framework offering order of magnitude potential for dynamically augmenting human performance in a healthcare ecosystem.

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