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Dream Catcher Capturing Magic
There are some stunning shots on this page! The sunset, the kitty, the bridge, the waterfall/leaves with the bokeh (my fav!) and the butterflies are all truly superb!!! Paul V. Slabowski

Time Capsule | Faces of Our World
The people at Digital Deli Archive are great. After losing my companion they worked until midnight to get a stunning image printed for the following days wake. I gave it to one of the children. A week later I called and they made a stunning Giclee ready to hang heirloom print they say will last centuries! Highly recommended for their photography and fine art print service. Mary S. Lavoie

Forever Wild Adirondack Mountains
Your waterfall and mountain lake shots are nothing short of amazing! Wonderful to see such nature still exists in it pristine glory. Hope we can manage to maintain it in the future, for future generations to enjoy! Paul V. Slabowski

Time Capsule | Faces of Our World
My mother was recently confined to a nursing home. She loved the outdoors and I wanted so badly to have a professional portrait of her in a natural setting, but feared it would be impossible until I talked to the people at the Digital Deli Archive. They coordinated everything with the nursing home and waited for a perfect fall day. They arranged to have her hair done and dressed in her favorite outfit. When I picked mom up and met them they had chairs out and we had wonderful conversation while they took the images. They selected a group of images and printed a gorgeous heirloom print that will stay in the family for generations. Perfection itself for the photography. The print is stunning and looks like a painting. They captured her better than I ever dreamed possible. John Haney

Fairy Tale Gardens
A dazzling display of colors and bokeh! These are ALL so beautiful. Happy to be able to see your work online! Paul V. Slabowski

The Botanist's Backyard
Remarkable, as always, John. Your eye for capturing nature in its most beautiful poses never ceases to amaze! Paul V. Slabowski

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Feedback from Our Sister Site

We explained our vision of how that future might look using the tools, techniques and infrastructure we have built for this purpose. Below are a few comments received from the crossroads of the Erie Canal National Heritage Corridor and Great Lakes Seaway Trail.

  Keywords: Building the Future Now, Strategy, High Quality Content, a Clear Execution Plan, Geospatial Gateway Corridor, Digital Ecosystem 4.0, Branding Strategy and Execution, On Demand Interactive Engagement, Live Labels Geo & Heritage, Tourism and Business Attraction, Global Digital Information Economy, Digital Transformation.

  We will post feedback from the Blue Ridge Parkway, New England, the Adirondack's and the Canadian Eastern Maritime when available.

Retired Nursing Educator
February 25, 2017 [excerpted for brevity]

This prayerful community greeting comes from "Abigail House" to the New York State Canal, former Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell, National Park Service Director Michael T. Reynolds and to all supportive of the New York State effort toward designation of our New York Canal system as a National Historic Landmark.

Abigail House is located on the Oswego branch of our canal corridor. Abigail's Barn was a transportation rest relief station for the mule shore driven animals empowering canal transportation. An example of infinite human brain power and talent to solve enormous challenges with creative, simple, practical thinking and resolution!

I have had the pride and priviledge of listening and hearing John Grala's area detailed marketing visions for our New York Canal system focus on tourism, history teaching, innovative modes of consumer computer usage and delivery. John Grala's mental capacity, computer enterprise, and articulation can easily bridge us to our future. John has common sense, humility and integrity.

Now in my 91st year, my question is, how can we open possibilities to funding services of universal local benefit, such as are proposed by John? I respectfully encourage, my dear neighbors John and Barbara and all others, who cherish humanity, love and who trust courage.

Blessings from Abigail House,
Eleanor Blunt, RNAA
Oswego, New York

  Footnote: Eleanor Blunt is a well known and highly respected retired nursing educator. At 91, she packs a punch with unwavering stewardship and never ending wisdom. Her correspondence is always archived, as she always has greater purpose in mind. You might consider Eleanor Blunt, to be a National Treasure, in her own right.
John R. Grala, Barbara J. Ahart

Teacher, Community Leader, Passionate History Advocate
February 25, 2017

To whom it may concern,
My name is John B. Gosek. I am currently serving as the 5th Ward Councilor for the City of Oswego. I am writing this letter on behalf of my long time friend and associate John Grala, the proprietor of Digital Deli, Global Media & Communications.

In particular, I am writing to endorse Mr. Grala’s proposal for a comprehensive strategy for the Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor. As a local government official I, for one, recognize the potential to harness the digital age to foster economic growth in canal side municipalities like Oswego.

With our rich cultural heritage and beautiful waterfront Oswego is a logical choice to commence such an exciting, high-tech, forward looking project of national significance.

To conclude, please allow me to reiterate my wholehearted endorsement of Mr. Grala's visionary proposals. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me by phone or email.

John B Gosek
Oswego, New York

  Footnote: Mr. Gosek passion for history is only matched by his encyclopedic study of those rich cultural artifacts. Digital Deli sponsored an 18mo.   Community Heritage Project Opens in new window at PACS (Pulaski Academy & Central School), where Mr. Gosek (PACS teacher &, history club supv.), local historians and people across the globe joined in public / private partnership using Digital Deli media, technology and communications for "educational nourishment and community enrichment".
John R. Grala, Barbara J. Ahart

Business Owner, Sailing Expert, Nature Photographer
February 27, 2017 [excerpted for brevity]

I have known John Grala for for over 35 years. I am one of the few who gets inside the lab to see the media and technology he develops. Over 30 years, I am aware of systems for: municipal government (my sister used), nuclear, healthcare, electric utility, digital imaging, multimedia and countless other advanced technologies.

John always keeps his eye on the future and big picture items. He is an excellent strategist. His photographic techniques and image processing capability is phenomenal. When he puts on his storyteller hat, John's creative writing is rivetting. Barbara Ahart's "golden voice of the Archive" is iconic. Her ability to make anything I could ever imagine play on the Internet is amazing.

I know John and Barbara aim high with the technology, media and communications systems they have been developing. They are strong believers in using technology to advance our world. I would never question their intention or underestimate their capability.

John Germain
Oswego, New York

  Footnote: After racing sailboats for decades John Germain stopped in after a weekend of regattas. Winning too much was getting grueling. In 2012 he was mentored on DSLR photography. Today, barely a day goes by without a new photographic adventure for him. He is always grateful for what he now "sees" though his lens.
John R. Grala, Barbara J. Ahart

Retired Microbiologist, Master Gardener
February 24, 2017 [excerpted for brevity]

I’ve known John for about 8 years, and trust and value his level-headed thinking through of problems. No one I know is as exceptionally resourceful in so many practical fields yet giving balanced weight to the human side - and a genius in computer technology to boot.

One reason he makes sound calls is that he is quick to recognize what has real value and beauty. That’s why he was among those first people to recognize that the locks [Erie Canalway] should be saved and restored. And he followed through until it became a historic site.

The most unique way he promotes this area is by photographing its natural beauty and human interest stories, then uses his computer skills to disseminate them for one and all to view or buy on Digital Deli - a site with amazing resolution and other state-of-the-art features.

Nancy Haney
Oswego, New York

  Footnote: Nancy and her husband John have been on the river for over 50 years. When visiting or in need of a helping hand with an online matter, it has become customary to provide a front row seat on an ultraHD screen. Sneak peeks of new projects seem to make everyone beam brighter. One day, Mr. Haney announced he "got it, you are a cross between PBS and NatGeo". We have learned to appreciate each other.
John R. Grala, Barbara J. Ahart

Master Auto Mechanic
February 27, 2017 [excerpted for brevity]

The pictures you have taken are awesome and the knowledge behind them is terrific, as you are able to tell the stories with each photo and the history behind them all. I hope they [federal, state, provincial agencies] look at your background and abilities with the effort you have put forth! I hope you get the endorsement on your proposals this area could really use. Good Luck!

Pete Cary
Minetto, New York

  Footnote: Pete is a widely recognized top master automotive mechanic. When told the Minetto Bridge he crosses every day and entire canal would be protected and preserved [National Historic Landmark] for generations, he was ecstatic. A longtime resident with a deep appreciation for the people and history of the region.
John R. Grala, Barbara J. Ahart

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