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Updated May 15, 2018

Our Policies:

The Digital Deli Archive™ offers Customers an opportunity to purchase a wide variety of custom made Fine Art with an equally large selection of display finish options from the Digital Deli Archive™ Fine Art Store. By making a purchase Customer acknowledges and agrees to the Terms and Conditions of Sale. If you do not agree with these terms, please do not make a purchase. If you have any questions before making a purchase you may always Contact Us for assistance.

a. All works from the Digital Deli Archive may not be reproduced by any process or used in any commercial manner without the written permission of the Digital Deli Archive (Publisher) and the Copyright Owner.

b. All copyright and reproduction rights are retained by Digital Deli Archive (Publisher) and the Copyright Owner.

c. The Digital Deli Archive reserves the right to use any fine art edition offered, including but not limited to NTSG-LE, NTSG-SE, NTSG-FAFE, DDFA-Collections, DDA-Gallery in other forms of media that may include: National Treasure Series, Edu-tainment Multimedia; Digital Deli Learning Center™; smART Media for the Classroom™; Digital Deli Expeditions™; Digital Deli Press™ (book, magazine, card); smARTHealth AI™; marketing, advertising and promotion media.

1a. National Treasure Series Gallery – Limited Edition (NTSG-LE): When a Limited Edition is released from the Digital Deli Archive, the registry will clearly specify how many pieces of the artwork shall be made available. Once the quantity limit is reached for size and substrate specified, the edition is marked sold out and the edition registry is closed.

1b. NTSG-LE Reserve: to meet the founders requirement of making the best works available where they may derive the greatest benefit – all NTSG-LE artwork has a unique exclusive reserve that extends the Edition, as follows:
(a) 250 for Art for Public Spaces (any size, any substrate, APS-LE Edition Mark)
(b) 250 for smART Health Therapeutic Art™ (any size, any substrate, SHTA-LE Edition Mark)
It is our belief the edition extension noted above will not decrease the value of your chosen artwork and may in fact increase it's value either monetarily or intrinsically.

2. Provenance is assured with a Certificate of Authenticity, unique artist mark, sequential edition number (NTSG-LE), Digital Deli Archive Registry ID (NTSG-LE) and United States National Archives Library of Congress Reference No. to ensure the value of your heirloom for generations. Limited Edition NTSG-LE Certificates will ship separately. Special Edition NTSG-SE Certificates will be transmitted electronically. Certificate & Registry processing time: approx 2 weeks.

3. The United States National Archives, Library of Congress reference number is provided for informational purposes only and to further establish provenance of your chosen heirloom.

4. A Digital Deli smARTCode™ is an electronic certificate encrypted with your unique art registry information that may be read (but not altered) by the owner, appraiser, art dealer or insurance agent. Supplied with limited editions 2,000 sq. in. and greater at no charge. An option for smaller sizes upon request.

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