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Updated May 15, 2018

Our Policies:

We recommend that you read our Policies in full to ensure you are fully informed.

Order Placement and Transaction Processing:

The Digital Deli Archive provides our customers with a secure, state of the art e–commerce platform seamlessly integrated into our site. Electronic orders are typically processed within seconds and you will receive an email confirming your order details.

There can be many networks between you, our customer and our servers. If you do not receive an order confirmation email, have made an error with your order or wish to add additional items to the same order – it would be in your best interest to Contact Us promptly so we may assist you.

The Digital Deli Archive is one of the Digital Deli Family of properties and brands brought to you by QC Communications. Your visit here is secured with strong encryption and cipher suites (green bar) to protect your privacy.

If you require assistance with artwork selection, substrate, display options, color matching or sizes before placing your order, please Contact Us, we will be happy to assist you.

Electronic Payment Processing:
QC Communications has selected Stripe as our global e–commerce Financial Transaction Processing Agent for the Digital Deli Family of properties and brands. The interaction between your site visit, purchase and financial transaction processing is seamless and protected by the same strong encryption.

Our Transaction Processing Agent, Stripe, handles PCI compliant transactions for almost any credit card or debit card in most currencies. International customers may incur additional charges based on their own bank policy, such as Bank Conversion Fees and Foreign Transaction Fees.

Taxes, Duties and Tariffs:
Orders shipped to New York, USA will be charged sales tax using the rate defined by the shipping address in accordance with our New York State Tax Certificate of Authority and in compliance with our legal obligation.

International customers may incur additional fees specific to their own country, such as taxes, duties and tariffs, which are the responsibility of the customer. Check your country policies about shipments of goods from the United States if you are not sure. You may contact our office by email at customercare[at]digitaldeliarchive.com for a shipping quote outside of the United States.

Fine Art Production:
Once your order transaction is approved an electronic order is dispatched to The Digital Deli Studios™. Fine Art Editions are prepared to exact specifications from raw image sensor files for each substrate and size. Unique artist marks, sequence numbers, registry and certificate of authenticity are prepared for archival grade printing on customer specified substrate, size and display finish options selected, as required. Custom handcrafted for unmatched breathtaking vibrance, clarity and detail.

Fine Art Fulfillment:
Once Studios creates a custom digital negative for your selected fine art your order is dispatched to Digital Deli Print Direct Worldwide™ for fulfillment. Digital Deli Print Direct Worldwide™ electronically transmits your order to the finest printers in the world using the most technologically superior print systems.

Fine Art Production Times:
Fine Art Production Times are estimates and subject to factors that may be beyond our control. Best efforts are always made to expeditiously process your order. Each piece is handcrafted by the Masters of Light and Sound at the Digital Deli Studios™ and by Master Printers from Digital Deli Print Direct Worldwide™. Quality and Craftsmanship are paramount – so please allow time when it may be needed.

Quality of Workmanship:
Digital Deli Fine Art is guaranteed to be free from defects and of the highest quality workmanship for both finished and unmounted art. If you encountered a defect in a finished display or unmounted artwork, please contact our office by email at customercare[at]digitaldeliarchive.com within 48 hours of receipt with a brief description and photo.

Shipping & Freight

We offer domestic and international shipping that is subject to normal domestic and international shipping rates. We ship to various parts of the world. Digital Deli Archive reserves the right to not accept orders or ship to certain locations.

Shipping prices are calculated based on size and weight at the time of purchase.

Standard Free Shipping applies to United States and Canadian delivery addresses. Additional handling fees may apply for orders outside the US.

All shipments will be packaged appropriately to ensure your chosen artwork is received in excellent condition.

A Crate Fee may apply for ready to hang finished display solutions 40" and larger to protect them during shipment. Items requiring a Crate Fee are clearly marked. Crate Fees typically apply to large Amazing Aluminum Fine Art display solutions. When applicable, a Crate Fee will be added to Shipping Charges and displayed in your shopping cart details at checkout.

Multiple steps of inspection take place before Fine Art is professionally packaged and shipped to ensure your chosen artwork is free from defects and protected from damage during shipment.

At delivery you must inspect the package, crate, or tube for visible damage and note any damages on the carrier’ delivery receipt. In the rare instance of finding damage after opening your package, we recommend you follow the instructions below:

Within 48 hours of delivery contact our office by email at customercare[at]digitaldeliarchive.com with a brief explanation of the damage. Please also attach photographs of the damaged items and the packing materials. Retain all packaging materials.

Title of purchased goods are transferred to customer when received by shipping carrier. If you encounter damage, prompt reporting is necessary to ensure that you are properly credited and a replacement issued. Some carriers require reporting within 48 hours or they may deny a damage claim. Problems are rare, but timing is important. If you encounter shipping damage report it promptly so we may assist you.

Return, Exchange, Refund Policy

Our goal is to exceed your expectations by providing world class media (Archive), on–demand production services (Studios), Fine Art Display Solutions (Print Direct Worldwide), micro edu–tainment multimedia (on–demand & subscription), Literary and other Creative Works (Digital Deli Press) and Commercial Services (Gen–3 Cloud™, ÐÐ Private & Secure Net).

Fine Art:
Digital Deli Fine Art™ is custom handcrafted to your exact specifications, all requests for refunds will be processed minus a 40% processing fee. Shipping is non-refundable. Due to the custom nature of our products we cannot re-sell or re-stock any items that are returned.

Please contact us by email at customercare[at]digitaldeliarchive.com within 48 hours of receipt with your name, order number and reason for return. Customer Care will arrange for an Exchange or Refund, within 3 business days. Please retain the original packaging materials.

Limited Editions and Special Orders are considered final sale items and can not be returned.

No refund requests will be accepted after 90 days from the date of receipt.

Please note that due to differences in monitors, the colors you see on your computer may be slightly different on the print you receive.

If you encounter shipping Damage follow the instructions in that section.

If you receive an order in error, please Contact Us within 48 hours of receipt, so we may take the necessary steps to correct an order not matching your invoice. Please retain the original packaging materials.

In the rare instance, after opening your package, a defect in workmanship is found, please contact us by email at customercare[at]digitaldeliarchive.com within 48 hours of receipt with a brief description and photo. Customer Care will arrange for an Exchange or Refund. Please retain the original packaging materials.

If the damage or quality issue is not apparent in the photo, we may request that you provide additional information or return the item by mail before the return can be processed.

On–demand & Subscription:
The Digital Deli Archive™ is the source repository for a wide variety of multimedia that may be accesses from this site and/or the Digital Deli Family of sister sites. On–demand and Subscription service is an over–the–top (OTT) streaming media service. Digital Deli Gen–3 Cloud servers provision and deliver many forms of multimedia content that you may access on mobile, tablet, desktop, HD-TV and ultra–HD, depending on your selection. Our servers deliver content globally on a robust network.

Customers ability to receive OTT multimedia streaming broadcast content effectively will be dependent primarily on the Customers Internet speed and quality. If you can't access your on–demand or subscription content check your Internet Service Providers speed and quality of service first. Sometimes, waiting a little while until a point of congestion between you and our servers clears is all that is needed. If you can't access On–demand or Subscription content Contact Us for assistance.

If the Key, Password or Token provided to access On–demand or Subscription content is not accepted by our system, we suggest the following:
Copy and paste the access code rather than typing it. Zeros (0) can look like O's and upper and lower case is used along with symbols for security. Copy and Paste first. If that fails, Contact Us at Customer Care for assistance.

On–demand Service is a digital service provided to Customer for access to multimedia content for the period specified (typically: one time, 1–3 day). On–demand is a digital service that is not refundable.

Subscription Service is a digital service provided to Customer for access to multimedia content for the period specified (typically: 1 month, 1 year) and will renew automatically at the end of the term. Customer may cancel recurring service at any time and Subscription Service will terminate at the end of the existing term (1 month, 1 year). No refunds are provided for partial subscription periods (ie: partial month or year).

Literary and other Creative Works:
The Digital Deli Press™ and Publishing Partners set individual policy for Return, Exchange and Refund for: Books (children's, historical fiction, travel) , e–books, extended book content, audio books and mixed media works.

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