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Small Town, Big Pride on Memorial Day

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The Digital Deli Archive is proud to bring You a Tale from Stories Across America. "Small Town, Big Pride on Memorial Day" is a micro edu-tainment multimedia documentary.

The Masters of Light and Sound at the Digital Deli Archive Invite You to be a part of this Tribute to all Americans who lost their lives while serving in the armed forces.

The Setting: the small town of New Haven near the beautiful shore of Lake Ontario in upstate New York.

A Rare Moment in Time: a request for the Vietnam Veterans Moving Memorial Wall was honored.

What Happened: it has been said this heart warming ceremony may have been more powerful than larger celebrations across the United States.

Why it is Important: to preserve a moment in time that reflects on what it means to be an American on Memorial Day.

Invitation: You don't want to miss this heartwarming experience from a small town in upstate New York.

The Good: To reconnect the outside world for those confined, the Digital Deli has made public performances available to medical centers, nursing homes, Veteran, civic and cultural organizations at no charge.

Release Date: Memorial Day 2017

Artist Statement: words alone can not describe the rectitude of conduct, beaming brightly, that reflected across the community. A rare glimpse into a timeless story that you feel and know should never be lost. This small town's ceremony was a powerful symbol of hope and remembrance, exemplifying what it means to be an American.

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Small Town, Big Pride on Memorial Day

Micro Edu–tainment Multimedia

Pre-Release Review Comments:
Comments from Veteran commanders, a small cross section of community leaders and knowledgeable people in NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Tokyo:

  • A powerful short documentary capturing the meaning of Memorial Day from the heart of small town America.
  • They bottled up 7 minutes of hope that distills the essence of Memorial Day.
  • Unique perspective captured a stones throw from the birthplace of Memorial Day.

Independent Documentary by: John Grala and Barbara Ahart.
Format: micro edu-tainment multimedia ~7min length.
Audio / Video Mastering: Digital Deli Studios™.
Transcoding: Digital Deli Mixed Media Lab.
Delivery: Digital Deli TV / Gen-3 Cloud / Reactive Internet Multimedia> Projection, HD & ultraHD Displays, web and mobile streaming.
Access: Internet link and access code for streaming & cinema editions.
Public Performance Requirement: Internet access, onsite equipment for playback.

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